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Downloadable Forms

CF-1 – Notice of Organization
CF-2 – Summary of Campaign Activity
CF-3 – Schedule of Contributions Received
CF-4 – Schedule of Expenditures
CF-5 – Affidavit for Annual Filing Exemption
CF-7 – Affidavit Dissolving Campaign Account
CF-8 – Schedule of Independent Expenditures
BQA-1 – Summary of Ballot Question Advocacy Activity
BQA-2 – Schedule of Contributions For Ballot Advocacy
BQA-3 – Schedule of Expenditures for Ballot Advocacy
Public Forms

Listed below are public forms that may be filed with the Board of Elections (BOE). After filing, be sure to print, sign and mail your form to RI Board of Elections, 50 Branch Avenue, Providence, RI 02904

File CF-1: Notice of Organization
A CF-1 is used to add or modify an organization of type PAC, Party, or Candidate.
File CF-8: Schedule of Independent Expenditures ("Persons Not Acting in Concert with Others") View Previous
A CF-8 is used when a Person, acting independently, expends funds or resources to support or defeat a candidate or to advocate the approval or rejection of a ballot question.
File: Vendor Affidavit View Previous
A Vendor Affidavit is used when a state vendor has contributed an aggregate amount of more than $250 within a calendar year to any R.I. general officer, candidate for R.I. general office, any member of the general assembly or candidate for general assembly, or any R.I. political party. See question #2 for further details.


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